Episode 84 – The Only 3 Planner Friends You Need

While we didn’t really close out Season 2, we are here to start up Season 3. Fresh look for year 3, and more changes for the crew. We chat about Chicago Planner Conference, and Plancation, plus the latest things we’ve been keeping ourselves entertained with. Lastly, we introduce the Planner’s Choice Awards!
Show Highlights
Titty Tangent
Chicago Planner Conference
Jamie’s 2019 Travel Plans
Appreciating Our Items
Marie Kondo
Fyre Festival
Planners Choice Awards
  1. Most LOVED Planner Character
  2. Favorite Vinyl Sticker Shop
  3. Favorite Kit Shop
  4. Best “Glam” Style shop
  5. Favorite Snarky Sticker Shop
  6. Favorite Planner Box / Subscription Kit
  7. Favorite Functional Stickers
  8. Favorite No White Spaces Kits
  9. Travelers Notebook Insert Maker
  10. Favorite Ring Bound Insert
  11. Favorite Printable Shop
  12. Favorite Break Your NO Spend Shop

To voice your opinion on The Planner’s Choice Awards click here.

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