Antarctica, New Zealand & 2023 Planner Love
Planner Girl ChatterFebruary 05, 2023x
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Antarctica, New Zealand & 2023 Planner Love

Colleen returns from Antarctica with so many NPR (not planner-related) updates that we all longed for! About a half hour later, we jump into 2023 Planner goodness and catch up on Jamie’s planner(s), planner drama, CPC coming back, and all the shopping. This feel-good episode will get you over the new years hump and fully into 2023 mode.

Episode Highlights

Catching up on Antarctica with Colleen

New Zealand visits

2023 Planner stuff

Kicking it off with good old fun planner drama

CPC is coming back - Don’t tell new people

Two planner Jamie!?! Wow

Colleen’s HoCo quotes

Travel souvenir rabbit hole

Adding journaling to the weekly recap

Recent things we’ve added to our planners


Shop Mentions

Pen Gems

The Planner Boss Collective

Aura & Estelle B6 Undated Planner

Sterling Ink - B6 Common Planner

The Sticker Shop Co

Gracie Edits - Tabs


Narrative Hues

Bubba Bear Studios

The Fox & Pip