Bottom Line - Don't Be Chill
Planner Girl ChatterMarch 27, 2023x
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Bottom Line - Don't Be Chill

Reminiscing on the times we’ve felt or seen folks get less than expected from a transaction in the planner community. Yep, we cover everything from items not getting delivered, PayPal friends & family, and what to look for when buying planner event tickets. As we move back into planner in-person events and meeting new people, it’s a great reminder of how to keep alert while moving through the community. Bottom line…don’t be chill.


Episode Highlights

Colleen recalls the first time she was scammed

The Etsy order that went sideways for Jamie

Don’t be chill, but be reasonable

What to pay attention to when ordering on Etsy

Do planners get stolen that much?

The generosity of the planner community

Should I give to a generous cause? Go with your gut

PayPal friend or foe???

What a chargeback is and how it works

Non-refundable tickets for events