Death & Dating
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Death & Dating

Like the title says we’ve been managing a lot of change in our lives. Jamie shares the loss of family members and Colleen shares the new beginnings as a single lady. Plus we tell you all about our unplanned Shreveport adventure together this month! 

This episode was recorded on April 16th, 2022.

Show Highlights

Managing grief

Feeling the sadness & enjoying the memories

Taking downtime

Target and massages vs flowers?

Shreveport adventure the hotel

The flight debacle

The sadness of what Target is right now

Full hotel meltdown

Catfish or just an awkward meeting?

Cuffing season is over

Not so non-smoking room

How bad is the supply chain right now?

Jamie is close to getting mail again! 

The ridiculous feelings around upgrading your life.

Canceling plans

All this change means a new planner

Finding the silver lining

Managing friends during this time