Favorite Shop Friend Swap
Planner Girl ChatterFebruary 01, 2022x
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Favorite Shop Friend Swap

Trying new things and we hope you will too! In this episode, we did a Favorite Shop Friend Swap! Colleen placed an order for Jamie with Bubba Bear Studios. Jamie placed an order for Colleen with The Fox and Pip. Listen in to hear how it went. You can decide for yourself if you and your planner friends for Galantines day! This episode was recorded on January 25th, 2022.


Show Highlights

Colleen’s craft room closet! 

Jamie concludes the “truck saga” 

How Disneyland went with the family

HoCo update!

Good lord these new crafts

First impressions of our swap orders 

Why Jamie has never ordered

Bubba bear verdict

Colleens first Fox & Pip

We hope you’ll give this a try