Galentines - Swiping Left and Right
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Galentines - Swiping Left and Right

Galentines Day is upon us and we are celebrating this year! Colleen entertains us with her upcoming stage debut monologue about dating. We also chat about valentines stickers, love languages, and appreciating our bodies. This episode is about loving love, and loving being in friendship with good belly laughs.


This episode was recorded on February 5, 2023.

Episode Highlights

We fumble through the background of Galentines Day

How we manage our expectations around Valentine's Day

Wacky holidays that come up in response to the holidays

Swipe left and swipe right

How challenging it is to date these days

Matching Coleen’s dating stickers

Stickers Jamie’s working on getting through this month

Anti-valentines stickers

Love languages

Finding people who appreciate your body vs. when we were teens

Jamie’s baby daddy appreciation day