Happily Over So Many Things
Planner Girl ChatterOctober 15, 2021x
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Happily Over So Many Things

Who needs that many haircutting stickers?

Why does planner launch season continue to drag out?

Did Colleen finish her bujo?

Did Jamie do well at her first conference?

How do Facebook book groups work?

What shop are we reviewing this time?

All of these questions are answered in this week’s episode! 


Show Highlights

Do you need a whole sheet of haircut stickers? 

Someone needs to send Colleen a message. 

We aren’t ready for conferences. 

Colleen’s BuJo update

Our feelings on new planner season

Cycling through holiday kits

Being a disciplined Mercari Seller

Advent Boxes 

Facebook Book Group Etiquette 

No patience for Planner Launch Season

Review: Paper Minty Audio

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