Is The Planner Community Dead?
Planner Girl ChatterSeptember 10, 2022x
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Is The Planner Community Dead?

What do you think? Is the planner community dead? Recently we did a survey asking a variety of questions about how folks feel about many aspects of the community. We asked about how folks are shopping, connecting, and even what is missing. As we bring season 5 to a close this conversation gave us plenty to ponder on, and lots to consider heading into the new planner frontier. As always, we hope you will share your thoughts in our Facebook group or….apparently where people are connecting today…Instagram! 

This episode was recorded August 30, 2022


Episode Highlights

Season 5 Wrap Up

Mini anti-haul

What travel has been like recently

Why the gift shop is where it’s at

Colleen’s travel summer

One last travel pet peeve

Why we wanted to do a planner community survey

Shout out to the older planners 

How do you feel about the planner community?

Has your feeling about the planner community changed over time? 

How we’ve found our balance as things has evolved. 

Are people using less planners? 

When are the meetups coming back?

People are still shopping! 

An answer for what’s missing from the community

Where the community is connecting today

Planner people still love several things!


Products Mentioned 

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Jet Pens - Zebra Clickart Pens