New Planner Arrival & We Need Help
Planner Girl ChatterNovember 22, 2021x
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New Planner Arrival & We Need Help

The day your new planner arrives is a magical day. We share our first takes on the planners we just bought for 2022 and reflect on our 2021 planners. Feeling very ranty we talk about our latest tv recommendations, goal setting, and what we are looking forward to for Black Friday! We need your help to make Black Friday decisions for these new planners, so make sure you listen, then head to IG or FB to make your recommendations! 

Show Highlights

Jamie Tartt & other shows

Colleen needs to clarify #teamhoco

Jamie’s planner pick up crisis

All the things Colleen loves about the new planner

Jamie rants about goal setting planners

Colleen shares her goal-setting methods

We rant about goal procrastinating

Colleen share’s her weekend 

The owl and the pole also the beetles

Sales. Sales. Sales. 

Things we are looking for recommendations on.

Give back the red scarf. 


Show Highlights 

Agendio (referral link)

Hoboichi Techo

Hobonichi Cousin

Michelle Baxter - Quirky Heart