Planner Decisions Were Made
Planner Girl ChatterNovember 07, 2021x
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Planner Decisions Were Made

Have you chosen your 2022 planner? Jamie share’s her planner choice for 2022 while Colleen contemplates a second planner . This episode is completely bizarre as Jamie and Colleen switch places. We also talk about ALL the advent calendars Colleen has coming. 


Show Highlights

Recapping what you already know about Jamie’s planner struggles. Jamie’s 2021 Planner is ordered.Colleen share’s what she’s considering.WHO ARE WE???2 Planners for Colleen?Challenged with taking photos of your planner.Cuffing seasonApple Watch - encouraging or discouraging?Colleen’s advent calendars.

Show Highlights 

Agendio - (referral link)

Hoboichi Techo & Cousin

Letters To Apollo Glossy Box

Tea Forte


Peanut Butter Taco - Bookmas Box (sold out)