Feelin' Like A New Year
Planner Girl ChatterJanuary 31, 2022x
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Feelin' Like A New Year

Are you tip-toeing into the new year and feeling the room before getting settled? Yeah us too! Enjoy this early year catch-up session with Jamie & Colleen. New year, same planner people.

This episode was recorded on January 4th, 2022.

Show Highlights

Colleen’s vision for 2022

What Jamie’s daily is feeling like so far

How Colleen’s lineup and book tracker is coming together

Jamie’s truck update (Spoiler: Still in Alabama)

Reflecting on 2021 planners 

Why we haven't settled on words of the year yet.

When does it feel like a new year? 

Colleen’s hot take on monthly re-mixes

Upcoming episodes to look forward to